Monday, March 30, 2009

Adrift On The Breeze

It is Spring Break for my youngest son, so I am taking some time to enjoy his company. We are planning a trip to the local airport to investigate his taking flying lessons. We plan a trip to one of the amusement parks (his choice) and are taking an art class together. He is also spending time with his beloved monkeys at the Primate Sanctuary where he volunteers and with his human friends.

I share this only to make excuses for not posting something terribly original today. None the less, I think this is fun. It is another quiz from the great game book, Kokology- The Game Of Self Discovery.

This game is named, Adrift On The Breeze.

Can you still remember those long summer days when school was out, you had no responsibilities, and there was nothing but time from when you woke up till the sun finally went down? Time for play and adventure, time to daydream and roam. Hours to spend on childhood diversions.....flying kites...watching clouds...blowing bubbles...

Imagine you are out again on a childhood summer's day, blowing bubbles in and open field. Which of the following best describes the scene you imagined?

1. The bubbles you blow float away high into the sky.
2. You are blowing hundreds of tiny bubbles through your plastic ring.
3. You're concentrating on blowing a single enormous bubble.
4. The bubbles you make are carried behind you on the breeze.

Pick one, comment and I will posts the meaning behind the bubbles in the next post.


Caroline said...

I would have to pick #2 without a doubt. I love bubbles, and lots of them.

I still get to play with them sometimes, as my cats chase them :)

Debbie said...

I too, love bubbles and often play with them. My son and I tried holding the bubble blowers up in the convertible as we drove down the highway. We had visions of bubbles in our wake, alas the wind was too strong.

Ms.Eleni said...

Probably #3

A. said...

I would choose number 1, more because the others didn't fit the scene I imagined at all. I was in a garden lined with trees on a bright sunny day, head back, blowing the bubbles into the air. Not hundreds, not enormous, and definitely in front of me. :)

Debbie said...

@ eleni,

would that bubble be next to Sophie or Delilah in your "Feel good corner"?


When you describe your vision, I can only imagine one of your fabulous photographs. Hmmm, bet you could capture that.

Ken Armstrong said...

I would like to pick the one that means I am a bit-of-a-sex-god (like last time)... I'm a '1' really (covers eyes) oh what will it mean?

Debbie said...

oh Ken, I really can't wait to tell you what it means now!

Ms.Eleni said...

I would have to get another as Sophia and Delilah are already busy.Maybe a little boy in the back on the left.

fragileheart said...

Wow Ken, we really do have a lot in common don't we? I would have picked number 1 too. In fact:

I imagined a big huge hilly field in the country, with a ton of trees all around but in the specific spot that I've picked there is only one lone tree (sort of like the trees the Irish say the farmer's don't cut even though it's in the middle of their crops because the fairies might curse them) and there is only a light breeze blowing on a gorgeously warm summer day. There is just enough breeze to create bubbles just from holding up my plastic little ring as I lie flat on the grass... and they lift up, up high towards the sky.

And yes, I am alone and happily listening to John Mayer all the while ;)

Debbie said...

@ eleni,

as the mother of sons, I think adding a little boy to play with the bubbles is perfect. Only this time, you have to choose the name I send. (snickering at the names I will send you.)

@ fragile reggy,

what a lovely scene and I especially love knowing the lone tree protects the fairies. ms eleni, did you hear that?

Relax Max said...

Number one.

Anonymous said...

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