Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Things Can Only Get Better!

Yesterday was Blue Monday. It may have been the most depressing day in history according to Dr. Cliff Arnall, a psychologist in Britain. Arnall has mathematically pinpointed Jan. 19 as the most depressing day of the year, based on factors including the weather, holiday bills and abandoned resolutions. But this year, he factored in job security fears and economic collapse. "(This was) potentially the most depressing Blue Monday we have had," Arnall said.

Today, we can officially say we survived and what's more we are experiencing some pretty exciting history. With the inauguration of Barack Obama, America's first black president, many are hopeful for the change that will accompany this. Just the mere energy of hope is profound, it is like electricity running through the airwaves.

On a personal level, focus on change. Forget resolutions, instead, think about one small change you have made or can make starting today. For instance, instead of worrying about losing 50 pounds, what if you slowed down your eating? That's right, place your utensil down between bites and be aware of chewing your food. Instead of paying off all of your debt, what if you made one small change in your daily spending habits and placed that money in a separate account, or even a piggy bank! One small step at a time.

Just for today, smile at a stranger. Commit a random act of kindness. Think a good thought about a co-worker. Take a moment today to breath deeply. Close your eyes and imagine your world a safe and happy place. See yourself smiling and hear your own laughter. Then at the end of the day, notice if you don't feel just a teeny bit better.


Ms.Eleni said...

I enjoyed your blog but I would like to just say something and I hope you don't mind. Everyone keeps talking about our first Black president and I think that is great.I voted for the man myself.It is a great day in history. But why don't people mention the fact that he is half white more often? Just an observation.

Reese said...

I so believe this! My teen girls were both depressed last night. Mid-term exams are this week, so there are lot's of tears and much stress. I'm sick of winter and cold.
visit my blog for random acts of kindness post!

Debbie said...

@ Reese,

great post on Random Acts of Kindness, funny, they almost seem selfish don't they?

Sorry about your girls stress. Tell them to breathe deep, break up studies into 20 minute intervals with 5 minute water breaks and forget the media in the back ground when they fall asleep.

I have worked with test anxiety and I can tell you that fear in only in the head. Don't let it take up the space of all the wonderful things they learned!

fragileheart said...

Hay love you. I love your positive energy and your great advice. This is exactly the approach I've taken this year with my 'resolutions'; I haven't abandoned resolutions in general because I need lists and that is all resolutions are to me.


Debbie said...

my darling fragile reggie,

you are so sweet, I can't imagine anything you have to improve upon.

Dorothy said...

Feeling positive is hard when there is so much going on every time you listen to the news.

I'll take your advice and read the secret again..it always helps.

Dorothy from grammology

fragileheart said...

Ah but we all need something to srive for - or we would lose our purpose! :) hehe Thanks sweet debbie.

√ėyvind said...

I smiled when reading this, I too love your positiveness. Those small things could save an entire week. Imagine the whole world doing that. :)

Relax Max said...

Why is it I have such a hard time getting down in the dumps like others do? Is the unemployment rate REALLY up to 8%? That's terrible. But doesn't that mean 92% of Americans who want to work have a job? Or am I missing something? 92% is, like, GOOD odds to have a job, right? Man, you've REALLY got to have a negative attitude with odds like that!

Plus YOU are my friend!

I am soooo happy right now! I feel so embarrassingly abnormal. Think of all the poor people who don't live in this country! But I promise to begin eating slower, just in case. A little insurance never hurts.

But remember, hamburger isn't 20% fat. It's 80% lean. Right?

Make the world go away again. That was fun. :)

Joshua Houghton said...

Great post as usually. Keep up the great writing!