Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Silliness...

Wednesday evening I decided to go to a local comedy club for some hypnosis. I had heard that a traveling hypnotist was going to be there, to put on a show. How could I resist? I sent this gentleman a note on one of the online boards for hypnosis mentioning that he was going to be in my neck of the woods and I would love to see him. When I didn't hear back, I figured he was busy with the show and probably didn't even see the comment. Besides, I am sure I am not the only hypnotist to watch his shows.

So, I set off for the event with my dear, long time friend and webmaster Dona. Did I mention that she is a very dear friend and very loyal, too? (This becomes important soon.) Thinking I am flying under the radar, we arrive at the club (Coconuts) and the owners know me. They know me not as a hypnotist, but rather from my teaching days, so they were pleased to have their daughter's former teacher visiting. I settled in, incognito as the former teacher, happy as a clam.

When the show began, there was the usual call for volunteers. This particular crowd was going to be a tough sell. So, with the encouragement of my very dear (and loyal) friend, I went up on stage to volunteer. After all, I love hypnosis and I know it is safe, fun and natural. When Patty McGee began his induction, I went down like a brick. Oh yea, I love this feeling and my shoulders were feeling better already.

The fun began. Patty McGee had me convinced I was on a trip into outer space. I was so excited. I love flying of any sort, planes, jets, hot air balloons, so why not a rocket? There I was floating, weightless, in space. Oh my, that felt good.

He did ask me to eat jello that was floating around. Poor guy didn't know that I HATE jello. You see, I had ponies growing up. My father told me that jello was made from the hooves. Well, if you have ever cleaned a horse or pony hoof before shoeing, you know that jello could never be appealing again. Not to mention, in later years I realized the hoof wasn't just the shavings. But, I digress.

The time progressed (I'm really not sure how long) and I had a blast. Upon my return to planet earth I showed everyone how Martians dance. Apparently it was quite impressive and this is where I know that if film of this ever shows up anywhere, my dear and loyal friend Dona will make sure it is eliminated and not posted on my site.

A few more tricks and it was time to emerge. Everyone seemed to enjoy the show. After the show, when I was leaving, Patty told me he knew who I was. He was very gracious about my attending his show. I believe he will do very well on the circuit and he will represent hypnosis proudly.

There are those in the hypnosis profession who practice in an office that don't approve of stage hypnosis. They feel that it gives our chosen vocation a black eye. I disagree. When done properly it is a great tool for educating the public while having a rollicking good time. Patty McGee is very professional. He has a baby face that you want to trust and he is true to his word. He did not ask me to do anything that I would be ashamed of. (Although I am not so sure I am proud of the dance, simply because I was once asked to leave dance classes as a child and haven't improved much since!)

Did I mention that Dona is a very dear and loyal friend?


Ken Armstrong said...

I am *so* impressed that you volunteered. What a great sport you are! I was stage hypnotised once (I'm preparing a post about the experience... which was Great!).

I bet you're a Great Subject because you're so comfortable with the experience, is that right?

Debbie said...

@ ken,
I love going into trance, so it makes it easy to put me under. I have a sense of humor (as you probably know by now) so that makes it all the more fun.

I am awaiting your post and will link to it when it is up!

fragileheart said...

*ahem* I would like to see some video proof of this. Otherwise, I don't believe you! hehehe :P

Debbie said...

@ fragile reggie,

there will be no videos, because Dona is a loyal and dear friend! You my dear, are asking for trouble.

Patrick said...

Hi Debbie,
thanks so much for your review of the night and more importantly making it such a success. You did get down with your bad self during that 'martian' dance. You may have been kicked out of dance school as a child, but there is a martian dance instructor who is very proud right now.
I have just booked my next show with Coconuts comedy club at their new location at Safety Harbor Spa & Resort. It will be a spooky comedy hypnosis experience on Friday the 13th of February at 7:00pm. Tickets are $10, but mention Wisdom Hypnosis or Debbie Lane and tickets will be only $8 a piece.
I have a website under construction and will post it as soon as it goes live.
Thanks again,
Patrick McInnis aka Patty McGee

Debbie said...

@ Patrick

I will be at the show, to see what more you have up your sleeve and to watch. I may a wig and glasses so no one can identify me. ;)

Locals, how cool is that? Mention Wisdom Hypnosis or my name for your discounted tickets!

Ms.Eleni said...

I wish I could have been a fly on the wall. I know you were hilarious.

Debbie said...

@ ms. eleni

maybe we can get you and Bill to attend the next show!

Allure said...

It sure sounds a lot of fun. We have not heard of any shows like that here in Manila.
I wonder how you danced...

Dorothy said...

Are you ever brave I've always been afraid to go on stage for how I might good for you..

Hope all is well and glad the new year has begun...

Dorothy from grammology

Relax Max said...

If you won't let us see the live video, at least make a regular video to show us the steps. Unless you don't remember. Sigh.

February 13 (Friday) is my birthday. Have some respect, please. :)

Debbie said...

@ Allure,

imagine the geekiest dance ever and it is still probably more graceful!

@ Dorothy,

Happy New Year to you as well! Thanks for stopping by. Somehow, I imagine you would do great on the stage.

@ max,

birthday coming up, huh? I think we'll have to celebrate!

but respect? really, let's not push it! ;)

fragileheart said...

Hm... I ask for that a lot according to a lot of people. *sigh* I guess my friends were right, I do like trouble. hehehehe :P