Wednesday, October 15, 2008

WIN Was A Winner!

Last night was the big annual event for WIN (Women In Networking) in Pinellas County, FL. The net proceeds were to go to Healthy Start Coalition of Pinellas County and The American Cancer Society. I am excitedly waiting to hear how much money was raised. It had to be a good amount as the place was packed! There were so many vendors I was unable to visit them all.

My talk was so much fun to give. I had a room full of energetic listeners and we laughed all the way through it. I did not do anything for luck, but practice and allow myself to feel calm and centered. Imagine that?!

I attended a workshop on blogging, Tina Williams was the presenter. She had some great information, now all I need is the time to digest it and apply what I learned. The one thing she did convince me of, I am now active with Twitter. I had been signed up, but never bothered to find out anything more. (I had really signed on to be polite to a friend.) Wow! I have even been tweeted!

Well, time to head back to the office. I just wanted to keep my promise and let you know how the talk went. Tomorrow, back on track with superstitions and fears. "Til then: tweet, tweet!


Relax Max said...

You twitter-pate me.

Debbie said...

aww maxie,
you make my heart twitter!

Grandy said...

I think they had a similar event in the Sacramento area. I'm glad your presentation went well. I'd love to come see you speak sometime. :)

Thank the way. You know why...thank you!!

Debbie said...

@ Grandy,

it would be fun to speak in Sacramento! What a great excuse to visit California again. Perhaps I will find such a group.

You are so very welcome ;)

ettarose said...

Sounds like everything went very well. As usual I say you can do anything!