Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday Morning Musing....

This weekend I had the opportunity to relax. What a blessing relaxation is, a chance to regenerate body, mind and spirit. One of the ways I chose to relax was to go for a kayak ride with a good friend of mine. We loaded up the kayaks on the spur of the moment and headed to a nearby beach.

Launching the kayaks was done in a mangrove area, where there are trails for kayaks and canoes to go through, eventually finding their way to the Gulf Of Mexico. Going through the tiny trail was interesting. My friend I both commented how beautiful it was, the sun finding it's way through the mangroves in patterns, the tangled roots that reached deep into the water and the occasional crab or lizard crawling up the roots. It was also a bit scary, the trail is narrow and there wasn't always room for the oars. We found ourselves reaching for roots to move our vessels forward. At times, we could hear one another, but not see one another. We encountered another group heading in the opposite direction and had to make room to pass in area that was too small for one vessel!

Eventually, we found our way out to the most glorious view of the Gulf Of Mexico and nearby spoil islands. We paddled around, swam and had a fabulous time. It seemed to occur to both of us that this adventure was a metaphor for life. We had each other to share and knew we weren't alone, yet, at times we couldn't see one another. We saw the beauty in the dark mangrove pathways, yet, we still felt a bit of the fear of the unknown. When we got through the most difficult part of the trails, we came out to such amazing beauty. Still, this beautiful and bright tour of the Gulf, took greater strength to traverse, because of the currents.

Just when we thought we had experienced all the joy and beauty and even lessons we could from this event, something amazing occurred. We were paddling nearby shore, when we heard a deep breath. Immediately to my left, within reach of my kayak was a mother dolphin and her two calves. They rolled up out of the water and back under. They continued by, so peacefully. I turned and followed them for a bit, from a distance. There are those who say that dolphins represent good luck or prosperity. To me, the good luck was just being so close to them in that moment. I definitely felt the abundance of life in that moment.


Philolog said...

Sounds incredible!

ettarose said...

Oh Debbie, how wonderful! I wish I lived closer to the beach. But I have to admit, even here I can take my canoe out and see the most beautiful scenery too. I am lucky as are you. Or blessed, to have what we have.

Cindy said...

Debbie, I love the vision that came out of your experience and how you applied it to daily life! Nature is so healing...and what a blessing to have the Momma Dolphin & babies cross your path...Hmmm, the number 3!

Debbie said...

Thanks philolog,

next time you should join us!


some day I am going to get my kayaks up near you and we will adventure through those streams. I love country trips.


number 3, yes, you picked up on that. I knew you would! I hope this finds you and your family well, also!

A. said...

There is nothing, I believe, like nature to give balm to the soul. Whenever I'm feeling stressed or troubled, I go for a long walk in the countryside, or by the river, and if that's impossible for any reason, just looking at the scenery is enough.

Petra Voegtle said...

Love that photo of the dolphins very much!
Greetings from Munich, Petra

Grandy said...

We went Kayaking too! I want to go where you did though.

I love the way you put things in perspective.