Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Five Simple Rules

There is an adorable blog I visit frequently. It is called The World Of Silly Willy and Fluffy. These two clowns (literally, I am not name calling) do some wonderful things for others to bring joy into this world. On Monday they posted Five Simple Rules To Be Happy!

Please stop over and read them, you'll be glad you did!


Canucklehead said...

Those were good - sadly I normally avoid that site like the plague. You see, clowns give me the creeps.

Debbie said...

That surprises me about you Canucklehead. Perhaps we could do a session on that one!

Sue said...

Hey canucklehead! That's my aunt and uncle you're talking about!
Hi Debbie! I spoke with Uncle Silly Willy and Aunt Fluffy this past weekend and they love your blog! They had nothing but nice things to say about you.

Debbie said...

Hi Sue,
Your aunt and uncle have only good things to say in general, that is part of what I love about them.

Ignore the 'ole Canucklehead, we want to help him past his irrational fears soon anyway. With a new baby on the way and a three year old, he will have many chances to learn about clowns, I am sure.

Thanks for stopping by, don't be a stranger. :)