Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Not Forgetting You

I have been very busy with so many details, as I mentioned on Monday. Tonight, a celebration for my darling husband. He supports me in my dreams and goals for my hypnosis business. He tells the world that I am so positive sunshine emits from, oh my, I better edit that statement here. He dances with shopping carts in the grocery store. I want to celebrate him, for the joy he brings me!

Tomorrow, I am off to my convention. Although I am making presentations (three of them, what was I thinking when I agreed to that?), I am looking forward to learning and improving my skills. It is my intention to return with new inspirations to share with everyone.

In the meantime, breath, my friends. Just breath. Breath is life. Long, deep breathes, filling your lungs and slow exhales, releasing tensions and tightness. Relax and allow your life to flow. What seems major today, will simply be history tomorrow.


Caroline said...

You are a very positive person, and when you stop by my blog, it makes me happy.

Your husband is a lucky man, and it sounds as if you both apreciate each other (and more).
That is so great, and seemingly so rare these days.

Pratima Argade said...

Nice to see that how your husband is supportive.

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