Thursday, May 8, 2008

May 8th

Funny how certain dates seem to stick out for an individual. There are obvious dates, such as holidays, birthdays and anniversary's. Then there are those that over time just seem to become significant. May 8th is one of those for me.

Initially it was the birthday of a friend of mine from way back in high school. Mary's nickname was Mullet. Not because of hair, this name preceded that awful mutation by years! Mullet was the first person to say to me, "thoughts become things". She had an amazing upbeat personality and outlook. I learned so much about thinking positive from her. Mullet saw possibilities everywhere, her energy was high and I will forever remember her laugh as she would say "Oh Coppertone, you are so funny!" at something ridiculous I had stated in the moment. I will always carry a piece of Mullet with me through out life. She left an incredible and wonderful mark on me.

May 8th took on a new meaning the year I lived through a storm that flooded out the apartment complex I was living in. I have written about this event before. It was life altering for me. My apartment was on the second floor, above flood level, so many residents took shelter in our home until the rescue boats were able to deliver them to dry land. During this time, I made it my duty to keep everyone in good spirits. I conducted sing a longs. (Many people sang along just to drown out my voice!) We told jokes and became comrades in the storm.

Today is May 8th and again there is an event of significance for me. I have made a friend on the net who is a blogger. His blog BadEvan is raw and sometimes harsh. He views life from a jaded and angry aspect, according to him. There is another side to this young man, but I promised to never publicly tell how I view him. BadEvan is facing major surgery today. He is having a complete colectomy. He has suffered for many years with Sever Ulcerative Colitis, the medications are not effective and this is a dramatic step the doctors feel they must take.

As I am writing this, BadEvan is in the operating room. So, my thoughts and prayers are with him and his surgeon. I ask that you join me in sending positive thoughts and prayers his direction. It is my intent that May 8th take on one more significance, that it becomes the day my friend BadEvan began a new life, healthy and whole. For BadEvan, I see possibilities and opportunities ahead!


Canucklehead said...

Wow - great post. The fact that your thought and prayers are with BadEvan I believe act as a testament to what a caring person you are. All the best!

Debbie said...


Is that you or did your wife post that comment?

Thanks my buddy! :)

Cindy said...


Wow, "Thoughts Become Things" started a Loooong time ago for You, huh? ;>)) I forgot that today was a significant day for you...I could have asked you to sing one of your sing-a-long songs! Somehow that doesn't surprise me that you were the leader in keeping the spirits up during the flood! Nice of you to reference a significant day to a young man undergoing such a life-altering surgery today...I checked-out Evan's blog and love his Spirit and Humor...and will keep him close in prayer.

Debbie said...


remember my reference to the number 3? Well, today is the 30th anniversary of the flood.

Flood = new beginnings
3 = manifesting

So maybe we are manifesting a new beginning for my Evan?