Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Daytona Beach

One of the best parts about going to the International Association of Counselors and Therapists convention was connecting names and faces. There are many of my colleagues whom I admire. Perhaps it is a posting of theirs I have read on a message board or maybe an article they have published. It is always someone who is dedicated to helping create a better understanding of hypnosis. I was able to sit in classes with some of these magnificent individuals. Then, there were those I just met in the hallways or during an event.

Seth Deborah Roth is one such individual. She is a registered nurse who has worked in oncology nursing and later became a Nurse Anesthetist . She became aware of hypnosis during her training in anesthesia. She is married to a physician. Her hypnosis training has specialized in various forms of medical hypnosis. She stated to me when we chatted, how she is a logical, analytical type individual. That is part of what I admire about her.

Meeting Seth Deborah was wonderful. She is a lady in every sense of the word. I only regret I did not have more time to spend with her. Therefore, I wanted to share her blog with you. It is excellent, she is always up to date on the latest in medical hypnosis. Perhaps you have had a question about how hypnosis is applied to these matters. Take a moment and enjoy her blog. I sure do!


Dorothy said...

Hi Debbi, I'll take a look at her site...sounds like your event was very interesting.

Thanks for sharing.

Dorothy from grammology
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Janice said...

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