Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lean Healthy You

It has been understood for some time that cardiovascular health is at risk with excess belly fat. Now there is more bad news. Recent studies have revealed that a large gut in midlife will increase the chance of dementia in old age. The research suggests that abdominal fat is a bigger risk factor even that family history is. To read more about the study that was posted in the Journal of Neurology go here:

Right before summer time, we are already feeling snug in our clothes after a winter of covering up with layers of clothing. Now more guilt is heaped upon us! There is good news, however. Belly fat will go away with a proper diet and exercise. I am a big believer in committing to a lifestyle change, for good health. Diets don't work. I have said that forever, now even one of the big diet programs is using that as their advertising. A real commitment to living healthy is what will make the difference. Weight management through hypnosis is an amazing way to create success.

Yesterday, I had a marvelous woman in my office, named Kellie. (She has given me permission to use her name.) Kellie had purchased my Lean Healthy You audio online and listened to it for a few weeks. She laughed as she told me the story of how her husband commented on her dress. Kellie was dressed and ready for church. This was a dress that she had always felt pretty good in. Her husband told her it no longer looked good on her. Her thoughts, unfortunately went straight to the negative. She thought she must be too fat. Then she looked in the mirror and realized her dress was too big. It hung on her!

So, Kellie was ready for more changes and was going to be traveling through my neck of the woods. She called on her way in to Florida and set up an appointment for a hypnosis session. We created a personalized audio in the office. I can't wait to hear her results on this one.

Kellie called me later in the day with more good news. She had purchased an audio for test stress. She was about to take an exam in order to get her license for her profession. Her previous experience testing was not so good. The call was to tell me she had not only passed, but had gotten 91% correct! She called me before she called her husband. I laughed, then told her she needed to call him. I had a gentleman who used the test stress audio for his exam and did the same thing. When he received the results, he called me right away. Before he called his wife. I encouraged him to call her immediately, after all, those who live with us deal with the pre-test experience and deserve to be in on the celebration!


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Cindy said...

As you well know, Debbie, hypnosis has worked incredibly well to create positive changes for me with many different issues. Just read about the test anxiety management...and was thrilled with our session today on memory retention related to menopausal changes...which was creating some test anxiety for me with an upcoming recertification. Will let you know how it goes!

Jodith said...

I must point out that the research does not show that more belly fat increases the risk of dementia. It shows that there is an association, but that does not mean there is a cause and effect relationship there. I have a feeling that both issues are caused by the same thing, most likely insulin resistance, since insulin resistance is associated with both of these things.

And, while diet and exercise *may* help you lose belly fat, it also may not. Eating a healthy diet and exercising will certainly make you healthier, but it will not necessarily make you thinner. Not everyone will lose either weight or excess belly fat. That will depend on their metabolism and other medical factors.

Please don't jump on the bandwagon of bashing fat people. Definitely encourage people to be healthier, not to lose weight, but to actually be healthier. The two are not necessarily connected.

I love your blog, but just cannot let an erroneous assumption like this pass.

Debbie said...


Thank you for your input, it is valuable to keep reason in all thought.

Please know, I do not intend to bash fat people. Quite the opposite, I work with many obese individuals for a variety of issues, I have fought weight battles myself and I believe in the possibilities for a healthier life for everyone.

Please keep reading and keep me on my toes!

Eleni said...

I just want to say that it is not in Debbie to "bash" anyone. The only thing she is guilty of is caring too much.

Dorothy said...

Debbie you tapes for sleeping and calming have already helped me immensely. I can feel my toes and hands fall freely in my now ease in meditation. Your tapes have helped me lift my mood swings. Its early I've been on the computer already for hours and I'm going to pray and relax.
You did give me great Karma..and I send the same to you..
thanks for helping.

Dorothy from grammology
remember to call gram