Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hypnosis Is A Tool to Be Used

I have had several discussions since yesterday's post that have led me to write this information today. I love hypnosis, everyone knows that. I believe it is effective and therefore I share stories about my successes in this blog. However, hypnosis is a tool, not a panacea.

Everyone responds differently to various types of medications. My sons are both highly allergic to Ibuprofen. Therefore, I may take it for a headache, but I would never offer it to them. We find alternatives. There are people who walk into my office or buy an audio and they are changed dramatically almost instantly. There are a great many more, however, who take several sessions, of real in depth work. Neither person is right, better or more deserving. It is simply that there is a difference in the individual and the way they find their keys to success.

I am extremely proud of my clients one and all who succeed. Sometimes the successes are harder won and slower to come, but successes they still are. Hypnosis is a powerful tool that works and I witness lives changing every day as a result. Just be aware that there is work involved and commitment. I don't have a magic wand, I only wish I did.

If I did have that wand, there is one special lady who would already have it used on her. She knows who she is and how much I admire her for the way she has overcome many obstacles. I see changes in her, even when she doesn't. I know she is a success story in the making.

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Cindy said...

As one who has worked in-depth with you on many issues, I know how dedicated you are to your clients and the value of using hypnosis to create wellness and healthy living patterns. Your expertise and guidance has been invaluable in directing me to finally find a way that works for me to make the changes that I have so desired in many areas of my life. Yes, it does take committment. And it is so well worth it! Sometimes the simplest things that you have said or suggested have had an amazing impact~on how to embrace "Me" without thinking in terms of self-criticism. Your client that does not see some of her changes yet, will, with continued committment...and it sounds like she is one such individual! I know...speaking from experience...and how hard you work alongside your clients to personalize sessions that resonate within. It is all about self-empowerment~while learning about oneself and creating a positive mindset for change and acceptance of our own individuality.