Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Silliness

My goodness! That is all I can say her right now, is my goodness! It has been the day of all days in those little ways that can drive a hypnotist crazy. Thank heavens, I know a good hypnotist who can help me elevate my mood. What perfect timing for my Friday Silliness.

Perhaps you have noticed the little icon on my sidebar that showcases the blog of the day. It is related to a great little community of bloggers called Entrecard. I have made some great friends through this group. Unfortunately, at this moment, one of them is an endodontist from Canada who decided to pull me into the fray between himself and Canucklehead, another blogger from Canada. (Too many knocks in the head from stray hockey pucks, I'm guessing.) They will be the recipients of my years of experience in the revenge method of parenting!

Bottom line, to you my readers, I have been asked to participate in something called a meme. When I get this crud in emails, I generally delete them. Unless, of course, it is sent from my mother. Then I answer it as sarcastically, using as much gutter talk as is possible. She is delighted, thinking her daughter has sent another loving note from the heart.

The rules of this garbage are as follows:

The Rules:

  1. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
  2. People who are tagged, write a blog post about their own 8 random things, and post these rules.
  3. At the end of your post you need to tag 8 people and include their names.
  4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment and tell them they’ve been tagged, and to read your blog.
Here is my response to this:

8 Random Facts About Me

1. I believe I am responsible for the collapse of the Skyway Bridge on May 9, 1980.
Allow me to explain: The year before I survived a flood on May 8th. (mentioned in my blog yesterday.) I held my first annual flood party on May 8 1980. Amongst the silly activities, we held a rain dance. It worked, Summit Venture hit the Skyway, I stopped rain dancing for the rest of my life.

2. My favorite film is Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times. This is my favorite scene from the film:

3. I love to read so much that my husband will hide books before a party, so that I don't sneak them in and hide in a corner during the party to finish just one more chapter.

4. I once stood actually speechless in an elevator because I was the only person in it with Stevie Nicks. I couldn't think of anything to say, not even hello.

5. I haven't eaten meat since the 70's based on a twenty dollar bet. When B. Fussell pays up, I will eat meat again.

6. I once held the title of Miss Coppertone.
No, I am not the kid with her bottom exposed by a dog.

7. I hate shopping so much that when I married, I registered at only one store much to the chagrin of my new in-laws. The store was Home Depot.

8. I had an attack rooster as a pet when I was growing up. He wouldn't let anyone in the back yard except me or unless they were accompanied by me (or Mom).

According to the rules, I am supposed to tag 8 people. Sorry folks, I won't play there. Call me a party pooper, I don't send emails that promise big bucks from Bill Gates either. I will tell you, I list blogs that I like, as I view them and I will continue to do so. Furthermore, I have been invited to join in on a blog party that includes some pretty cool gifts. For more information on that, visit:

It’s The Party Contest!

There are some pretty cool give aways, including a free phone session from yours truly! I will write more about that next blog, until then, happy Friday!


Caroline said...

Do you offer free hypnosis to those that now have a fear of roosters from coming to visit you?

I had a tremmendous fear of birds till I started to work here. There's so many geese and ducks around that I just had to face my fear, otherwise I would have had to look for another job, and I didn't really want to do that.

I am still not that fond of pigeons however, but I'll get over it.

Relax Max said...

I've followed you home. That proves I care. I'm under your spell already. Choose a winner, baby! Grow some..ummmm I think I already said that. Going now. Please follow. It would really be the shits if you stayed with the Canuckleweak.

Take this with you, baby: :)

If I spelled anything wrong, won't you please cum and let me know. i would appreciate ut.

Relax Max said...

Oh! Never mind. We don't accept little girls who use comment moderation. Sorry..... it would have been ever so nice, too. Only the bold may join. (On the bright side...that's one less decision Debbie has to make!)

Eleni said...

I like the idea of listing 8 random things. I will use the idea with my Tops members and some of my friends.A nice way to get to know people.Amazing what interesting things we can learn about each other.
Miss Coppertone ! Good for you!!

Debbie said...

I am allowing max to comment as an opportunity to demonstrate what happens when the frontal lobe of the brain is not fully developed. He hs responded with the amygdala (the seat of emotions). max, you have potential to be a fine young man.

Debbie said...


I loved your list and would love it if you would post it here! By the way, thanks for the comments on my Todd (off post), he is so handsome with his hair shorter now.

Also, did you know I have flown in hot air balloons? I didn't tell dear Mumsy until after the first flight.

Debbie said...


Did I also mention that according to Chinese Astrology, I was born in the year of the Rooster?

Someday, off post, I will tell you my husband's favorite bird joke. It will quack you up! (I know, wrong bird, so that joke was fowl!)

Canucklehead said...

Very well done! I'm glad I did not write the list for you as it truly would have sucked by comparison. I can smell that the nogoodniks have already been here.
I of course leave the choice in your more than capable hands. However, I should warn you in advance that as a Canadian I hold the power to unleash the screeching of Celine Dion at any moment. Luckily, as a peaceful people this is a responsibility we take very seriously and is not a fate we would wish on our own worst enemies. That being said, when the theme song from Titantic comes screeching out of her evil maw, I'll have both booze and earplugs. I'll leave you with that thought.

Eleni said...

I have no idea why you wanted me to post mine but if that is what you want. Here are mine. I sure got up high for someone afraid of heights.

1.I was born and raised in Tarpon Springs so I am a true Floridian
2.I did a tandem parachute jump when I was in my forties.
3 I have a tattoo on right shoulder. Was in my forties when I got it. Enlarged it a few years later
4. I once rode 35 miles on a bicycle
5 I flew over Niagara Falls in a helicopter
6 I took air balloon ride in Sedona Arizona
7. I was in my thirties when I first got pierced ear rings. I now have several
8. I was in a piano recital when about 14. Can't even play now but did good back then.
9. Won a contest when in grammer school for essay on America.
10. My father was a sponge diver that dove by holding his breath when he was young boy in Kalymnos Greece.

Great response to Max

Cindy said...

Interesting way to get to know others with the Random Facts...might be a good morale booster and fun down-time at work to get to know what makes your co-workers tick! Seems I remember that someone DOES like to shop for shoes!! :>))

Eleni...I also took a hot air balloon ride over Sedona just last August. Debbie helped me get over my fear of heights with just one was Awesome! Thank You again, Debbie....I have been able to enjoy many vistas with conquering this fear!

Debbie said...


Do you think I could/should have registered for shoes? Now, that would have been awesome!

desperate blogger said...

i did tha meme too. i didn't want too but the sender will be offended and i am such a sucker

Relax Max said...

Debbie hears a noise outside, looks out the window, sees nothing. A slight rustling sound. Than nothing. Curious, she opens the front door halfway and peers out. In the dim early morning light she sees a large bouquet of red roses propped against the side of the door, on the porch. She picks them up and looks at the card.

Debbie makes no comment, but smiles inwardly to herself. The card is signed in the awkward, almost illegible scrawl of a little dog.

"I'm sorry, Debbie. Can you ever forgive me?" is all the card says. Debbie knows who the flowers are from.

"We'll see," she thinks, closing the door again.

"We'll see."

Debbie said...

My dear old mother read the blog.

She is not the sharpest tack on the board, so she sends me this email as her comment. So, in the interest of fairness to all here was her reply:

I loved you blog...don't know how to answer it "on blog" so I just answer here....I even enjoyed the reminder of Cluck Kent, the little rooster from whom you saved the cowardly meeter and I wanted to say the things I am grateful for are my husband and my kids, even my bratty daughter of whom I am so much love, Mumsy and don't think I was not aware of the book hidden under your pillow when you were sent to bed to sleep, not read....

Periapex said...

Thanks for playing along!

Is Max one of your clients? What have you done to him??

Speaking of marriage, I've still got to get to that on my ToDo list. Got married in 2004 in Mexico. Was a little tipsy but that's not why I got married. We're not sure, but we don't think we're legally married in Canada (yet). We haven't gotten around to seriously checking that out.

Debbie said...

@ max-

Rain drops on roses and apologies on puppies, these are a few of my favorite things....

genny said...

heheh i dont know about hypnosis...ANyway interesting blog you have here.

Grandy said...

Good job on the meme. Some interesting things about you indeed. ;)