Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Driving Towards Peace

On my Monday post, I received a comment from a reader asking if hypnosis can help her with her driving anxiety. In short, the answer is yes. I know personally about this, because I have experienced the same thing. Please allow me to explain.

Many years ago, I had a job that required a lot of driving. I thought nothing of it, in fact, I loved it! Over the years I have driven with my sons on trips out of state. I enjoyed those trips and felt very comfortable. Then, suddenly, as if out of no where, I began to hate driving distances. Next I began to hate driving on busy highways and the Interstate. Finally, I began to hate even riding with another driver on busy roads. This was all last year.

There was a convention I was planning on attending for the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. It was being held in Miami, across the state from where I lived. I put off making reservations, I wasn't sure how I was going to get there. I thought seriously about flying in and taking a cab to the hotel. I thought seriously about not attending. Very seriously.

Robert Otto, the President and CEO of IACT called me to remind me I had not made my reservations. He was quite insistent that I attend. He told me there was someone I had to meet. Quite reluctantly, I made my reservations for the conference. I knew that I would learn so much once I attended and I was curious who I was to meet. (Robert wouldn't tell and that was driving me crazy!)

How was I going to get to the conference? I couldn't admit to my colleagues that I was afraid to drive there. They would laugh at me, or would they? Perhaps they would tell me to get hypnosis for this fear. What was that thought? Hypnosis for fear? Hypnosis for driving? Could I have found an answer?

I asked a colleague of mine to give me a session for my driving fears. One session, that's all. I was so embarrassed to ask, yet she never flinched. We did the session. I realized what the real reason was that I had developed this fear. It was totally unrelated to the actual drive. We then created suggestions for driving with confidence and awareness.

I asked a friend of mine to go to Miami with me. (Back up, just in case?) I drove the whole trip, and drove into a strange city and it was easy! I actually enjoyed it. I have a convertible and we drove with the top down, even when it rained at one point! We had a great time, she is a good traveling companion.

Well, the night of the banquet, awards were being given out. I lost a ticket and so I wasn't going to go to the banquet without my buddy. Those in charge of the conference insisted it was fine, just attend. We did. The awards were being announced and it was a fun evening. Then Robert Otto began to talk about an award for the Hypnotist of the Year. As he began describing this person, I thought about how it must feel to be that person. Suddenly, I heard my name called. I looked around, unsure of why. Robert was calling my name, I was that person! I burst into tears and I must admit everything after that was a blur. The person he wanted me to meet, was me!

I am still honored and in shock. I am delighted that I overcame my fear of driving through hypnosis. I think this is the first time I have shared my little secret. (I hope they don't want the award back now.) I just want to share that my colleagues are some of the most incredible and caring people in the world. Call your local hypnotist if you have fears to overcome. Hypnosis works and hypnotists love their work!

p.s. This year (May 14 -20) I am giving a couple of talks and a workshop on my Love Potion Number 9 at the convention. I will gladly drive to Daytona (where it is being held to see so many of my friends again.) I also look forward to Dan Cleary, Michael Watson, Gerald Kein and Michael Ellner to name just a few of the very wise individuals who will be speaking and teaching. Here is a link to the convention:

IACT 2007 Hypnotist of the Year


Cindy said...

Wow, Debbie....Hypnotists have fears too? (Just kidding!) I never would have guessed you would have a fear of driving. And you said that you realized the fear was not actually related to the act of driving...Hmmm, that makes me think in more open terms of seeking causes of specific fears. In my work with you, releasing fears through hypnosis has totally changed how I look at life and how much more empowered and adventurous I am becoming! The initial reason I came to you (on a whim thought) was to conquer my fear of heights...and with the session and my trigger phrase and visualization was able to hike in the Canyons and do a hot air balloon ride in Sedona! WooHoo!! I still am in awe of what hypnosis has opened up for me in exploring Life! As far as you receiving the Hypnotist of The Year don't surprise me at all...your hard work & dedication & uniqueness in expertise say it all!

Debbie said...

Thank You Cindy.

Rahul P said...

Wow, wonderful story Mrs.Debbie, nice way of sharing that little secret of yours, maybe you noticed it or not, this post of yours kinda acts as a good promotion for Hypnotists everywhere; Frankly I'm momentarily considering finding my nearest hypnotist to get rid of my fear of Lizards(the house lizard). Do you think it will help? I know they're harmless but still I can't sit calm with one of them in my room.

Jennifer Robin said...

Always something new to learn here. I love the previous post on time perception too.