Thursday, December 27, 2007

World Hypnotism Day

I am like a kid on Christmas Eve, I am so excited. The biggest celebration of hypnosis is about to take place. January 04 is World Hypnotism Day. It was created by Tom Nicoli, to promote a better understanding of hypnosis. This will be the fourth annual day of events. Hypnotists world wide are giving seminars, lectures and offering all kinds of events to help raise awareness of just what it is we do.

I am going to be speaking on creating a wealthy mind set at Oak Trail Books , in Palm Harbor, Florida. It is a free seminar, during which I will be using hypnosis with individuals and the entire group. I plan on making it fun, using a touch of humor and adding a dash of sincere business! If you are local please, join me. Imagine making changes in your life that create the beginnings of something great for the rest of your life!

For those who are not local, do not fret! There are events going on world wide. If you go tot he official website, you can check out your neighborhood to find out what is available for you.

The official website is:

Happy Hypnosis Everyone!


Tom said...

Hi Debbie.. you not only make us all proud in all your efforts and professionalism but are proof that those who do succeed while the rest sit back and watch.

Keep up the great work you're doing...

Tom Nicoli

Debbie said...

Thanks Tom! (blushing)

Cindy said...


I am looking forward to your seminar & will be bringing along 2 friends that are interested in learning more about hypnotherapy & making positive life changes! Now that I have begun a business venture that I have always dreamed of...this topic is one of which was on my list to work on...Perfect timing & a perfect beginning to a New Year! And, I fully agree with Tom Nicoli as I have benefited from your Expertise!

Debbie said...


Thank you and please be sure to bring your friends up to meet me. I am familiar with your wonderful new business. Can you please post a link here to it?

Cindy said...


Yes, my friends have heard alot about how hypnotherapy and your guidance have helped me in many directions...and will be glad to meet you! I am still in awe that I have begun to realize my dream of sharing my Nature Photography with others. I will be adding to my website a travel page...and have plans to develop a greeting card line too. Without the tools that you have helped me learn to use through the amazing power of the subconscious mind, I would not have had the confidence to begin this New Venture that is My Passion! My link is

Thanks Debbie!
Cindy Shaw