Friday, September 21, 2007

Daily Habits

Imagine if you could create 10 daily habits, that empower you. Just ten things you do daily, that create a sense of who you are and why you are here. You already have daily habits, brushing your teeth, maybe coffee and the paper or walking the dog. Just think, if you began to do some things just for you. How fabulous would you feel?

I include self-hypnosis into my daily routine, when I miss it, I really miss it! When I miss my daily self-hypnosis, my family reminds me, because they miss it too. (Funny how family will let you know when you aren't quite right.) I also drink a gallon of water every day, encourage myself in the mirror every day (making eye contact) and listen to inspirational/motivational audios when driving. I want to work up to ten. I will start with just one more at a time, once it is a real part of my day, I can add more.

How about joining me? Imagine if we all worked towards ten daily habits that brought more joy, prosperity and excitement into our lives?

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Anonymous said...

Great Idea....

At first I thought "Wow, 10 DAILY habits...Don't know if I can do that!" Then I started adding mine up...and was encouraged with the suggestion of just adding one at a time until it is a Daily habit...and that made it seem oh-so-much-more-"do-able".

Too many of us rush through the day without taking time to care for ourselves...besides just the basics of eating & sleeping. Nurturing yourself can open the door to finding some stillness and peace in this fast-paced world...and help you to grow in matters important to the heart and soul. And those around you will benefit you will become more centered and open! I already have 5 daily habits of my own that encourage my well-being...and have just added 2 more this past month. I also listen to motivational/inspirational CDs in the car & would enjoy possibly sharing & borrowing from local like-minded individuals. What would you think of starting a contact site for sign-ups & listings to exchange & return after listening? Then you could save through sharing while helping each other grow...and direct that savings towards a massage or a pampering weekend get-away!