Saturday, June 16, 2007

I was moved to tears

There is a gentleman in the U.K. who is creating quite a stir. He entered the Britian's Got Talent show to perform Opera. He is shy and not a man that most would call handsome, certainly not in Hollywood sense. Even his smile denotes a sadness in his eyes. In his interview he calls his voice his best friend, it seems his voice gave him comfort when bullies picked on him and they did quite often. He has had some formal training in opera, even sang a bit. However, he has had to battle health issues and recover from a motorcycle accident that left him with a broken collarbone.

When he began to sing, I never expected to be so moved. In fact, I thought this was going to be a prank of some sort by my husband who insisted I listen. Paul Potts is my hero! Listen to both clips, it's worth it!


Anonymous said...

It is the first video that impacts me the most.

I too was moved to tears. While he said that he lacks confidence, I saw tremendous courage. How it must have felt to offer his talent to obviously dismissive,dubious judges. They took one look at him as if to say- Oh my God, here we go. Once he began to perform, Simon looked up in surprise as if to say- OK, YOU have got my attention.

What a lesson!How many times have we felt afraid, unconfident, or failure too soon. This inspiring man, had to overcome his fears, the judges looking at him like he was nothing, and keep his mind focused on his performance. OK- isn't that self hypnosis?

I hope that he can develope the training of his mind (perhaps with the help of a trainer or hypnotist) as well his talent.

Anonymous said...

Inspiring....and Courageous!

What an Incredible Young Man who found the Courage to share with the world His Gift and Passion! An inspiring and amazing "story" as you see the saddness in his eyes with the first video...and then the progressive little sparks as he Gives His Gift. His courage to pursue his passion had tears flowing down my cheeks...and a renewed sense of finding my confidence to pursue my passion! I am learning through hypnosis how to build that self-confidence and Create the Life that I so desire!